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15th March 2015                          What is the Harmony Headphone set?


15th March 2015                                       Internet III, Part 1

4th January 2015                              New Year Broadcast 2015 Part I of III

16th August 2014                             What is Bitcoin, really?


15th August 2014                           Healing your Wealth IIIa

10th August 2014                           Ebola introductory video


3rd Jan 2014                                New Year's Message 2014


5th Feb 2013      Natal Survival Strategies Part I


1st. Feb 2013    Global Warming???????

7th Jan 2012   What is this year 2012 really all about?


7th August 2011      What does a nuclear reation actually look like?

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The Door to Yourself


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The Healing Handbooks

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Over 40 handbooks from Karma Singh covering alternative healing at a price anyone can afford.

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