A failed Experiment

I had great hopes of this but events have proved that far too few people have attained the necessary level of consiousness for it to work.

Although I had hoped for a 90% payment rate within the first month, a mere ONE per cent actually made a payment before I began sending reminders. Even after four reminders, only 12% have made any payment This, of course, doesn't even cover the production costs and, so, I have had to terminate the experiment and resume charging when DVDs are ordered.

Maybe in a few years, we will be so far.

This was the concept:

Trust Marketing

It is a fact that more than 90% of all people are honest:

When you eat in a restaurant, the proprietor trusts that you will pay afterwards. This appears to function well as it is seldom that a restaurant goes bust.

If you go into a bookshop, however, your promise to pay after you’ve read the book will not be accepted.

Wherein lies the difference?
It lies in the fact that you don’t leave the restaurant until you have eaten and paid. The owner of a book shop, however, has no idea who you are or where you live and judges the risk, for him/her, to be too high.

We, that is you and I, are somewhere in between these two.
I know your name and where you live.
You are, perhaps, interested in what I offer but “what would happen if it were all just show and so substance?” Then you would have paid your money out and have nothing useful to show for it.
I know that the product is very valuable but YOU can only know this after you have used it.
(Would you pay for burned food in a restaurant? Neither would I. When, however the food and the service is good then an appropriate tip will be added to the bill when I pay.)

I am constantly inviting you to trust me because I know that I have very good and effective products.
How would it be for you if I were to trust you? To let you first use the product and then YOU decide what it is worth to you?
You decide what the value for you is and, in balance with your financial possibilities, send me your payment afterwards. Is that something that you would do?

This is trust marketing. You, not I, decide how much the product is worth to you. Value can never be an absolute thing but is always relative to the life of each individual.


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Blessed be