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The majority of the DVDs are only available in the German language at this time. If you wish to purchase these, just click on the German flag at the top right of this webpage.

Two of the DVDs are availalbe bi-lingual; Englich and German and both in PAL and NTSC formats. If you will be using a DVD only on a computer, the format makes no difference. It is only when you play back with a DVD player onto your television that the Format becomes important.

Basically, PAL is for most of Europe (except France and Russia) and NTSC for North America.
If youre ordering from elsewhere, please check your local format first and then order the appropriae version. Any computer anywhere will play either format but PAL tends to give a more stable picture.

It is not, at this time, envisaged that a SECAM version will be made available. Technically, it is possible with a high enough order volume but as no-one involved in the production speaks either French or Russian, translations are problematical.



A compledtely new departure in the Transmissions Technology

The Clearing Transmissions

The first set of transmissions to remove accumulated toxins; physical, mental and emotional.

Click on the "Clearing" tab in the navigation bar above for more details


$37.00, 25.00 or 33.04

To order in PAL format

To order in NTSC format

The most significant advance
in 2016

The Goddess Transmissions

A complete programme to return abilities unused for many centuries to normal function.

Further details on this special website

This product comes with a free download copy of the special transmission to delete the poverty habit


Price*: $85.00 or 62.30

To purchase in PAL format

To purchase in NTSC format


Combination offer

"More costs less". If you purchase at leat one DVD, you can add this amazing, life changing book to your order at a very special discount.

... Don't just wish luck - do it!

The book

"The Key to Luck"

combined with the purchase of any DVD above, at a special discount


Normalpreis: $25.28 or 17.55

Special price when purchasing together with at least one DVD: 19.97 or 15.77




* All prices plus Porto

Other books & courses

The Healing Handbooks

from Karma Singh

Over 40 handbooks from Karma Singh covering alternative healing at a price anyone can afford.

- Health without pharmacy!

Click here.

The Door to Yourself

The Door to Yourself


Ten week training course in Abundance Consciousness.


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