The Healing Transmissions

The core of the work with the videos is the Healing Transmissions which many tens of thousands of people already use daily. If this is new to you, then please read the introduction to this theme on the home page.

On this page, you will see all of the videos which have been published to date. They are listed in the approximate order of publication with the oldest at the bottom. Mostly, they are embedded links which show you the videos uploaded to YouTube. One or two (mostly in the german language) will take you to other websites.

Please note that there a number of videos which have been recorded which have not yet been brought online. For example the liver, lung and guilt feelings dissolver videos will be added here over the next few weeks. To receive notification of new uploads, please complete the simple "Newsletter" form in the right hand column of this webpage.

To help you find the video(s) most appropriate to you, there are here two alphabetical indices; the first is listed according to the appropriate organ or system and the second is a list of common problems which may be alleviated by the use of one or more of the videos. All of the keywords are hotlinks, i.e. clicking on the word will take you directly to the video. Where more than one video is relevant to the problem then the keyword will appear more than once, for example Depression (although often a dietary problem) can be alleviated with the liver, the lung and/or the heart transmissions so you will find in the keyword index Depression1, Depression2 and Depression3.

21st December 2012 transmission, Adrenals, Dodecahedra, Heart, Kidneys1, Kidneys2, Liver III, Liver IV (Debt and Mobbing dissolver),  PancreasPineal gland,  Solar plexus, SpineThinking, upper abdomen,

ADHD,  Benzene poisoning,  Clarity, Danger explanation, Danger removal transmission, Danger removal supplement, Dark consciousness, Debt dissolverDepression1,  Depression2,  Detoxification, Detox with Dodeahedra, Dynamic Peace, Fear dissolver,  Forgiveness,  Hyperactivity, Kindness, Love deficiency,  Mobbing, Money,  Natal Security, Peace, Procrastination, Radioactivity,   Security, The End of the Patriarchy, Unlimited Power, Water purification. 


25th December 2016

The Healing Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness
- The Transmission

The truth and power of Forgiveness


Debt and Mobbing Dissolver - Introduction

Debt and Mobbing Dissolver - First Transmission

Debt and Mobbing Dissolver - Second Transmission

The intense detoxofication transmission using a dodecahedron,
Harmony Omega, The Anatomy of Luck and the
Healing Transmissions all combined


The End of the Partriarchy and the Beginning of the New Age
Part 1 of 4; the Introduction

The End of the Partriarchy and the Beginning of the New Age
Part 2 of 4; the first Transmission to remove victim consciousness
and powerlessness

The End of the Partriarchy and the Beginning of the New Age
Part 3 of 4; the second Transmission to remove victim consciousness
and powerlessness

The End of the Partriarchy and the Beginning of the New Age
Part 4 of 4; the final Transmission to remove victim consciousness
and powerlessness

Purifying the Liver Information Systems Part 1 of 2 - introduction

Purifying the Liver Information Systems Part 2 of 2 - thte Transmission

Around the precise time of the Solstice on the 21st December 2012 (11.12 a.m. London time, 6.12 a.m. New York etc.) I will give a live transmission via the link below. Start time is approximately 11.05 a.m. London.
As soon as possible afterwards a high quality recording will be uploaded directly above this live version.
(As Justin tv only keeps videos online for 48 hours, the Justin link has been removed)



Dynamic Peace part 1 of 3 - Introduction

Dynamic Peace part 2 of 3 - the Transmission

 Dynamic Peace part 3 of 3 - the supplementary Application

Removing Procrastination from your life Part 1 of 2 (what is this, exactly?)

Dissolving Procrastination Part 2 of 2 - the transmission

Dissolving the Cloud of Dark Consciousness Part 1 of 2 (introduction)

Dissolving the Cloud of Dark Consciousness Part 2 of 2 (transmission)

Detoxification Part 1 of 2 (Introduction)


Detoxification Part 2 of 2 (Transmission)

Natal Security Part 1 of 2 (Introduction)

Natal Security Part 2 of 2 - the Transmission

Clearing your Thoughts Part 1 of 3 (Introduction)


Clearing your Thoughts Part 2 of 3 (first Transmission)


Clearing your Thoughts Part 3 of 3 (second Transmission)


The Unlimited Power Introduction


The Unlimited Power Transmission


The Pineal Gland Explanation and Transmission


Pineal gland Transmission only


Radioactivity (Fukushima) Explanation and Introduction


Radioactivity (Fukushima) Transmission






Purification of your money flow Part 1 of 2

Purification of your money flow Part 2 of 2

Programming water to remove benzine poisoning

Water purification

The Pancreas Part 1 of 2

The Pancreas Part 2 of 2


Removing Fear Part 1 of 3

Removing Fear Part 2 of 3

Removing Fear Part 3 of 3 

The Kidney Tranmissions Part 1 of 4


The Kidney Tranmissions Part 2 of 4

The Kidney Tranmissions Part 3 of 4

The Kidney Tranmissions Part 4 of 4


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